March 29 2020 - 23:28:37
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RE: Private Detective and Firearms Qualification Training

To those interested in Private Detective, State Constable, and Firearms Training Services,
Rhode Island Private Detective
Private Detective John P. Silvaggio

    Thank you for visiting my website. My name is John P Silvaggio, I am a Licensed Private Detective, Former State Constable, and Firearms Qualifications Instructor in Rhode Island. I have converted this site into a Curriculum Vitae of Credentials, so one may view my training. If interested in obtaining a license: constable, private detective, or firearms instructor; one may use my credentials as a guideline.

Legal Services

    Due to the abundance of information, I have split up this site into multiple domains. If one is interested in service from my firm visit an associated site below.

Thank you,
Constable Signature
Ex Constable John P. Silvaggio